Size Guide

What's Your Shoe Size?

Finests Oxford Crafts products are crafted generously for a comfort and ready to wear fit. However, we recommend our customers to use the below guidelines for a better selection.



Print this PDF document at 100%. Make sure the printing properties is NOT set to "Fit to Page" or make sure scaling is set to 100% or none. Check the accuracy of your printout by measuring the inch markings along the left side. Overlap and align the top and bottom sheets and tape together.



Place the heel of the foot you want to measure in the indicated spot at the bottom of the chart. Then line up the outside of your foot with the dotted line on the appropriate side of the chart for the foot you are measuring.



Your foot length is the size indicated at the top by the mark that lines up with your longest toe. If you are between sizes, use the larger one.



If the inside of your foot crosses the vertical line that is your shoe size, you might consider a wider shoe. If your foot is within the vertical lines, select a medium shoe.