Shoe Care

What Is The Best Way To Care For My Finests Oxford Crafts Shoes?

Important Guidelines

The price tag for a pair of premium leather shoes is not always cost-effective. That's one of the main reasons why they deserve some love; after all, they take you from A to Z.

All our shoes come RTW. Be that as it may, we highly advise against wearing them in poor weather conditions.

To prevent the leather from cracking, soaked shoes should be stuffed with newspapers and left to dry naturally.

Shoe Trees

Using shoes trees is the most effective way to keep regularly worn leather shoes in shape. This will help the leather retain its initial shape and increase the shoe's lifespan. For maximum impact, place the shoe tress inside your shoes within the first two hours of taking them off.

Shoe Horns

As much as possible, try to use a shoe horn to wear your leather shoes.

Leather Care

Regularly polish the upper to keep the leather healthy and protected. Moisturized leather equals resilient leather. The appearance and lifespan of your shoes directly correlate with how well you maintain them.


It is important to clean the surface to prevent dirt from being ground into the leather. For routine cleaning, you can brush your shoes using a shoe brush or microfiber cloth. Use a leather cleaner for shoes with heavy stains.


Once you have removed dirt and debris, condition the upper with shoe cream. This step adds healthy oils to the leather that keep it from drying and cracking. With a microfiber cloth, apply a dime-size amount of shoe cream to the leather in small circular strokes.


This final step acts as a clear coat which helps repel small amounts of water and debris. With your microfiber cloth, evenly apply a thin layer of polish in small circular motions. Use a clean microfiber cloth to buff the surface to a mild shine.